BubbleCow faced significant challenges in increasing their online presence and visibility in the competitive book editing market. Their goals were ambitious: to grow their X following, enhance their website’s SEO, secure top Google rankings for niche keywords, increase domain authority, and improve site speed and user experience.


X Growth: We launched a targeted social media campaign to engage with potential clients and industry influencers on X, focusing on increasing followers and enhancing brand visibility.

SEO-Optimized Blogging: Our content team developed a series of SEO-friendly blog posts aimed at driving traffic and improving search engine rankings for specific keywords such as ‘affordable book editing’ and ‘how much is book editing UK’.

Search Engine Rankings: We implemented a robust SEO strategy targeting first-page rankings and acquiring featured snippets on Google for key search terms, establishing BubbleCow as a leading authority in book editing.

Domain Authority Enhancement: Through strategic link-building and on-page optimization, we aimed to increase BubbleCow’s domain authority to improve their overall search visibility.

Website Optimization: We focused on enhancing the website’s performance, including speed and user experience, to meet Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals standards.


X Follower Growth: BubbleCow’s X following surged to over 13,000, significantly expanding their social media presence and brand recognition.

Blog Traffic and SEO: The creation of SEO-optimized blog content resulted in higher search engine rankings for targeted keywords, driving increased organic traffic to their website.

Google Rankings and Featured Snippets: Our efforts led BubbleCow to achieve first-place rankings and secure featured snippets for critical search terms, drastically increasing their online visibility.

Domain Authority Increase: BubbleCow’s domain authority experienced a significant boost by over 20 points, with the total number of backlinks for the domain surpassing 4,000. This substantially enhanced their potential for higher search engine rankings.

Website Performance: Optimizations to the website’s structure and user experience ensured BubbleCow passed Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals, leading to improved engagement and conversion rates.



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