Paul Gregory Wall & Floor Tiling


Paul’s Tiling Business, a premier tiling service in Costa Del Sol, faced visibility and audience reach challenges in a competitive market. Through strategic collaboration in social media, blog creation, email marketing and paid advertising, we catalyzed a remarkable transformation, establishing the business as a recognized name in the region.


Social Media Management: We executed a dynamic social media strategy across Facebook and Instagram showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of Paul’s Tiling Business. This approach not only highlighted their work through before-and-after photos, testimonials, and promotions but also skyrocketed their social media following by 250%, significantly enhancing brand visibility.

Blog Creation: Our targeted content strategy for their blog, featuring articles on tiling trends, maintenance tips, and project showcases, positioned Paul’s Tiling Business as an authority in the industry. This initiative boosted their website traffic by 175%, driving organic engagement.

Google Reviews: By emphasizing the collection of Google reviews online and in-person, we fortified their online presence and domain authority. This strategic move amplified their credibility, fostering trust among potential clients.

Targeted Advertising: Our deployment of targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, utilizing custom and lookalike audiences, propelled the business to over a 200% increase in revenue, marking a significant milestone in business growth.

Email Marketing: Personalized, informative newsletters about the latest trends and promotions enhanced engagement through effective segmentation, improving open and click-through rates and cementing customer loyalty.


Increased Brand Awareness: Our social media and blog creation efforts resulted in a significant increase in online visibility for Paul’s Tiling Business. The company’s social media following grew by 250% within the first year of our partnership, while website traffic increased by 175%.

Expanded Customer Base: The combination of engaging content and targeted advertising led to over a 300% increase in inquiries from potential customers.

Enhanced Reputation: By consistently sharing high-quality content showcasing the expertise of Paul’s Tiling Business, the company’s reputation as an industry leader was solidified. This has led to an increased number of referrals and repeat customers.

Business Growth: As a direct result of our partnership, Paul’s Tiling Business experienced rapid growth in the Costa Del Sol region, with revenue increasing by over 200% in the first year.



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