Hopsy, an all-in one app for day to day operations and compliance management came to us hoping to cement their digital presence in a fiercely competitive niche. Our digital marketing strategy, spanning across SEO-focused content, social media expansion, and strategic website enhancement, spearheaded a transformative journey that helped Hopsy secure new clients.


Social Media Expansion: We implemented a social media strategy across Meta, LinkedIn and X, targeting the hospitality industry. By sharing insightful content we significantly raised Hopsy’s profile within its target market. This initiative increased their social media following by over 150%, with social engagement reaching over 20k organic monthly impressions across all platforms.

SEO-Focused Blog Creation: Our targeted approach to creating SEO-optimized blog posts aimed to capture the attention of restaurant and pub owners searching for solutions in compliance management, food safety, and operations – positioning Hopsy as an industry authority.

Website Migration and Optimization: Acknowledging the necessity for a more user-friendly and SEO-efficient website, we migrated Hopsy’s site from a custom-coded site to the Webflow platform. This migration significantly improved website performance and user experience.

Organic Lead Generation and Engagement Strategy: We implemented an organic lead generation and engagement strategy focused on elevating Hopsy’s presence and authority in the hospitality industry. This resulted in a substantial increase in organic inquiries and website traffic.


Increased Online Engagement: Our social media and content marketing strategy significantly boosted Hopsy’s online presence. The brand’s following across Meta, LinkedIn and X more than doubled. This approach, combined with targeted SEO efforts, also led to increased SERPs and rankings on industry topics via search engines.

Website Performance and Traffic Growth: The migration of Hopsy’s website to a more user-friendly Webflow platform, coupled with the addition of SEO-optimized service pages, resulted in a marked improvement in website performance with higher engagement and longer session durations.

Strengthened Market Position: Through targeted, consistent SEO efforts, including the creation of focused blog posts and the optimization of service pages, Hopsy not only improved their search engine rankings for key industry terms but also solidified their reputation among restaurants and pubs.

Business Growth: Our strategic overhaul, encompassing social media management, SEO-focused content creation, and website optimization, catalyzed significant business expansion for Hopsy.



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