Right now, things are changing quickly, especially when it comes to meeting and connecting with people for work. In the old days, you might have met someone at a work event, had a quick chat over tea, or swapped business cards. But today, so much of this happens online.

We at Baltic Digital Marketing have spotted this change. We know that for young people, especially, meeting and talking online is as normal as making a phone call was for their parents. And Merseyside, with its mix of tradition and modern energy, is the perfect place to try something new.

This is why we’re excited to launch Baltic Meetups. Think of it as a friendly online club for young professionals, those under 35, in the Merseyside area. And because we’re based right here, we understand the local scene, the businesses, the start-ups, and the young people bursting with ideas.

So, why is this new way of connecting so important? First, it’s flexible. You can chat from your living room, a cafe, or even while travelling. No need to wait for a big event or workshop. Second, it’s immediate. If you have an idea or a question, you can hop online and share it with the group. And third, it’s wide-reaching. Even though it’s focused on Merseyside, the digital world has no borders. Who knows where a conversation or a connection might lead?

But Baltic Meetups isn’t just an online chatroom. We’re planning real, in-person events as well. And not just any events. We’re thinking of get-togethers where you don’t just stand around with a drink, nodding along. We want to create spaces where you can really chat, share ideas, and maybe even start something new with the people you meet.

And if you’re wondering why under 35s? Well, we reckon this age group is right at the heart of the change. They’re the ones who are comfy with both the online and offline worlds. They’re tech-savvy, they’ve got fresh perspectives, and they’re often on the lookout for new opportunities.

Still, it’s not about leaving out those who are more experienced or older. Instead, it’s about creating a space where younger people can voice their ideas, learn from each other, and maybe even shake things up a bit. And who knows, in the future, we might expand our horizons to include everyone who wants to join.

For now, though, Baltic Meetups is our way of giving back to the Merseyside community. A way to support and nurture the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers. We’re planting a seed, and we’re excited to see what it grows into.

To wrap it up, if you’re a young professional in Merseyside, or even if you’re just curious, we invite you to join this exciting journey with Baltic Meetups. Let’s redefine what networking means for the modern age, together.


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